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walimex pro Camera Crane Set Director Pro II

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walimex pro camera crane Set Director Pro II Camera crane Director Pro for professional tracking shots With the high-quality aluminium camera crane Director Pro you can easily create jerk-free, vibration-free and swerve-free video shots with your DSLR, system camera or your camcorder. No matter whether near ground level tracking shots, quick changes in perspective or normal panning movements: the camera crane is quick and simple to operate and, in connection with a video tripod with panhead, the camera alignment remains flexible. This way you lift your video recordings to a professional level and have the opportunity to create exciting camera flights. A Video Tripod full of extremes: Extreme stable! Extreme flexible! Extreme sturdy! The EI-9901 Video-Pro Tripod out of our first-class walimex pro series is something special. Smooth movements without jerking as well as the professional equipment make this possible. Soft panorama pannings over 360° and tilting movements from -85° to +90° are possible without problems. The panhead together with the two guide handles always provides a steady, smooth guiding. Besides, the head is equipped with a spirit level for perfect positioning.
The Tripod has two quick-release plates, which have a 1/4 inch connections. It is made of a sturdy aluminium alloy. The double-guided legs as well as the spider provide enough stability. Two removable guide handles, one built-in spirit level and rubber feets are certainly included as well as reliable quick-release fasteners. A carrying bag is also included in delivery. Flexible handling of crane and tripod With its smoothly running wheels, these Dolly is especially suitable for the use in the studio. The sturdy construction provides high load capacity. The complicated moving of your tripod can be realized with this Tripod Dolly very quickly and precisely. It can be loaded up to 50kg. You can easily mount your tripod by seizing the knurled screw on the Dolly. Technical specification: Camera crane
Max. length 200 cm
Min. length 77 cm
Length of handle 12 cm
Height 25 cm
Load capacity 3 kg
Weight 1.7 kg
Connection of camera mount ¼ inch
Connection of camera crane ¼ inch / 3/8 Inch Video Pro tripod
Min. Height approx. 69cm
Max. Height approx. 138cm
Carrying Length approx. 73cm
Max. Load Capacity approx. 6kg
Weight approx. 4900g
Connection Thread 1/4 inch
Material aluminium alloy, plastic (fastener) WT-600 tripod dolly
Dimensions (ØxH) approx. 78x13cm
Weight approx. 2370g
Max. Load Capacity approx. 50kg
Material metal, plastic, rubber  

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