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Garmin Varia UT 800 Urban Edition

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Telefon  095/911-2912

Oglas pregledan: 40 puta
Šifra oglasa: 4188841

cijena: 1.147 kn
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Smart helmet lamp - bright light for a long time Particularly bright helmet lamp for use in the field, which can be seen from a distance of up to 1.6 kilometres during the day.
800 lumens stable light for up to 1.5 hours
Automatic adaptation to ambient light, speed and tour profile to extend battery life
Can be used as a stand-alone device or paired with compatible Edge bicycle computers to automatically turn light on or off, adjust brightness, and more.
5 light modes: Power, Standard, Eco, Night flash mode, Day flash mode
When the sun goes down in the terrain, your tour doesn't have to be over yet. If your speed changes, the Varia UT800 will also adapt. When the UT800 is paired with compatible Edge bike computers, the brightness is adjusted to keep you safely in the right light. Smarter vision Smart features allow the Varia UT800 to be connected to compatible edge computers with light sensors. Once paired, the Varia UT800 automatically adjusts light intensity based on speed and tour profile so you get more light as you go faster, while saving battery power at lower speeds. Adaptation to ambient light and battery capacity is also automatic. So you can travel longer. Turn the lights on or off, control brightness, and more at the touch of a button on your Edge computer or special remote control. Diverse view With the Varia it is easy to adjust the light intensity to the conditions. The Varia UT800 helmet lamp has five light modes: Power (800 lumens), Standard (400 lumens), Eco (200 lumens), Night flashing mode (100 to 300 lumens) and Day flashing mode (more than 700 lumens). At full intensity, the light can be seen during the day from a distance of up to 1.6 kilometres. Ready to cycle The helmet lamp is small and light. It can be easily attached to the helmet with the holder provided. The smart lamp weighs less than 140 grams.    

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