Wired Gaming Mouse with 6 programmable buttons, Pixart optical sensor, 4 leve...

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Eclector Gaming Mouse If you’re looking for a reliable gaming mouse with minimalistic design, Canyon Eclector is a great find! 6 buttons, programmed in accordance with your individual preferences, high-quality optical sensor, convenient cable length, smooth signal transmission, ergonomic shape, RGB backlight, non-slip coating – all these features will help to make a long gaming session more immersive and convenient. The mouse is durable and comfortable, and also it has a wide DPI range, which is useful both for playing games and daily work. Features: • High-quality optical sensor Pixart 3168 • Programmable DPI settings 800/1200/2400/3200 • 6 programmable buttons • RGB backlight • Stylish braided cable with ferrite ring to protect against signal loss • Cable length: 1.65 m • Canyon Twin Surface coating technology • Response frequency: 125/250/500/1000 Hz • Built-in memory for settings saving • Scan frequency: 3000FPS

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