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All informationWith color classification of blood pressure values ​​for easy interpretation at a glance.
Fully automatic blood pressure measurement on the wrist - with the Sanitas SBC 22Easy handling - ideal for on the go With the push of a button, you can start the fully automatic blood pressure measurement on the wrist. After the measurement, the risk indicator allows a simple classification of the measurement results at a glance. 2 x 60 memory locations For gapless and error-free tracking of the values, you can store them in 2 x 60 memory locations and display the average values ​​of the last three measurements.
Arrhythmia Detection: detects and warns of an irregular heartbeatDuring blood pressure measurement, the SBC 22 also measures the pulse readings. This allows the sphygmomanometer to identify any abnormalities in the heart rhythm (arrhythmia) and may indicate this with a symbol after the measurement. If the symbol appears regularly, please contact your doctor.
Wrist measurement tipsTests show wrist blood pressure monitors to be just as reliable as upper arm gauges. However, with age, the blood vessels may become constricted by deposits or harden due to arteriosclerosis. This particularly affects the wrist arteries that are farther from the heart, making precise measurement difficult. Older people and smokers should therefore make a measurement on the upper arm. Basically, you should observe the following rules during the measurement: The measuring device must be at heart level, you must not speak or move during the measurement, this falsifies the measured values. In addition, make sure you have enough rest before the measurement (at least 5 minutes).
Technical specifications:Blood pressure and pulse measurementRisk IndicatorLCD displayArrhythmia detection2 x 60 memory slotsAverage value calculationCuff size: 13.5 - 19.5 cmAutomatic shutdownDate and TimeLow battery warningTraffic light display of the measurement resultsWarning function for cardiac arrhythmiasAverage value calculation of the last three measurementsdeliverySanitas SBC 22 wrist blood pressure monitorbatteriesstorage box
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