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Switel COIP200B

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Telefon  095/911-2912

Oglas pregledan: 200 puta
Šifra oglasa: 4195260

cijena: 1.129 kn
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Compact battery-operated wireless WLAN camera with magnetic wall mount - Switel COIP200BFeatures: Night vision: Up to 8 meters Resolution: 720p HD (1280 x 720) Video recording on micro-SD card up to 128GB (not included) Two-way communication Weather resistant (IP65) Remote access and notification via free app to your smartphone or tablet Expandable with additional cameras1 2.4 GHz WLAN system DUAL-Motion sensors (DUAL PIR sensors) with a detection angle of 110° C Response time approx. 3 seconds (also in sleep mode) Required operating system: Android 5.0 or higher / IOS 9.0 or higher 110° horizontal viewing angle Mirroring vertically / horizontally Tilt angle of camera: 15° Wireless security with WEP, WPA and WPA2 encryption Ideal mounting at 2.1m height Up to 2 users can access a camera at the same time Supports 4x AA 1,5V batteries (not included) Average expected battery runtime approx. 3 months. The battery life depends on the capacity and camera settings (user settings)1 Any number of suitable devices can be connected to the app, as long as the router or the Internet line can transfer the data volume. It is recommended to connect max. 4 cameras. One camera can be connected to any number of apps, but only two people can access it at the same time. One person can use the intercom function, the other can listen but not talk.

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