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Bosch Smart Home Eyes Outdoor Camera with Lighting

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Telefon  095/911-2912

Oglas pregledan: 40 puta
Šifra oglasa: 4186491

cijena: 2.270 kn

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Bosch Smart Home Eyes Outdoor Camera Combine reliable property monitoring with stylish outdoor lighting Connected with your smartphone via app Thanks to an integrated motion sensor, the camera only records relevant scenes Provides 24/7 Full HD colour images within a range of 10 metres Can be used as an intercom system or an exterior lighting Adds an elegant touch to your walls thanks to its attractive design and integrated wall spotlight Can be mounted to any lighting connection Notifies you about incidents via the Bosch Smart Cameras app Note: This product requires the Bosch Smart Home Controller and an app. For further information on compatibility, please refer to the current specifications on the manufacturer's page.

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