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Philips HX 9691/02

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Philips HX9691/02 Electric Sonic Toothbrush
Everything you need for a healthy mouthFor a thorough cleaning: removes up to 10 x more plaque1
You geht a thorough cleaning with the C3 Premium Plaque Defence brush head. The soft and flexible bristles adjust to the shape of your teeth with 4 x more surface contact and remove plaque even in hard-to-reach areas.G3 Premium Gum Care Brush Head: up to 7 x healthier gums1 in just two weeks
The brush head is smaller and the bristles are oriented towards the edges of the gums which prevents gingival diseases in this area. Users get up to 100 % less gingivitis1 and up to 7 x healthier gums in just two weeks1. ExpertClean: ExpertClean guides you to develop healthy brushing habits between dental visits. There are built-in intelligent sensors in the brush head that inform you as soon as you apply too much pressure. Download the Sonicare App to see your progress.Personalised teethbrushing: The ExpertClean provides 4 brushing programmes in 3 intensity steps. Thus, all your dental hygiene requirements are met: the \"Clean\" programme is for daily brushing, the \"White+\" programme removes tooth discolorations, with the \"Gum Health+\" programme your gums are cleaned and the \"Deep Clean+\" programme provides a thorough and invigorating cleaning.BrushSync Technology: This technology automatically chooses the ideal cleaning programme for you.Intelligent toothbrush: Your ExpertClean will alert you if you apply too much pressure. The toothbrush handle vibrates softly and reminds you not to press too hard.Brush change: Since all brush heads wear out over time, a symbol on the toothbrush handle will light up and you'll hear an acoustic signal when it's time to change the brush head. This is enabled by the BrushSync Technology.Premium Plaque Defence brush head: The bristles of this brush head adjust ideally to your teeth and offer 4 x more surface contact, which is why even hard-to-reach areas are cleaned1. Charging: If used regularly, the battery of your ExpertClean lasts up to two weeks with a single charge.USB Travel Charging Case: For flexible charging on tour by USB port or socket.Features: 3 intensity steps: low, medium, high 4 cleaning programmes: Clean (daily cleaning), Gum Health (thorough cleaning of gums and molars), Deep Clean+ (especially thorough cleaning), White+ (removal of surface discolorations) G3 Premium Gum Care brush head Pressure feedback (handle vibrates in order to warn the user) Timer (BrushPacer and 2-minute-timer) Compatibility: Android, Bluetooth 4.0-enabled tablets, iPad 3rd generation or higher, iPhone 4S or higher, iOS 7 or higher, iOS 7 operating system Wireless Bluetooth technology handle compatibility (brush heads are easy to attach) Reminder function Ergonomic handle Voltage: 110 to 220 V Pressure sensor, BrushSync reminder (reminds to change brush heads), BrushSync Technology (connects intelligent handle to intelligent brush head) Battery: rechargeable, battery type: lithium-ion Operating time: 14 days3 Colour: white/gold1as a manual toothbrush
2compared to the DiamondClean
3based on two brush cycles of 2 minutes/day

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