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Philips HX 6511/33 Sonicare Easy Clean

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Telefon  095/911-2912

Oglas pregledan: 60 puta
Šifra oglasa: 4237124

cijena: 436 kn

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Philips Sonicare Easy Clean Sonic ToothbrushFeatures: Discolorations are removed or reduced - for a brighter smile The dynamic fluid flow supports the cleaning performance in the interdental spaces and along the gingival margin Brush head is angled to make it easier to reach the cheek teeth and remove plaque in these areas Gentle and safe for braces (brush heads wear out faster), fillings, crowns, veneers and gum pockets 2-minute timer so you can meet the cleaning time recommended by experts 4-quadrant timer signals you when you have cleaned a quadrant in the mouth and can move on to the next one Easy-start function for the first 14 applications so you can get used to the sonic toothbrush Removes up to 2x more plaque than a regular manual toothbrushFeatures: Brush heads: 1 compact ProResults brush head for precise cleaning, 2 ProResults standard brush heads for optimum cleaning easy to attach to the toothbrush Up to 62.000 brush strokes/min 2-minute timer and 4-quadrant timer reduces discoloration, better plaque removal, for healthier gums Ergonomic design The light on the on/off switch flashes when the battery needs charging 42 2-minute cleanings or 3 weeks rechargeable battery, allows 20 cleaning cycles of 2 minutes each when fully charged colour: white

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