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Braun Oral-B Genius 10100 S White

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Telefon  095/911-2912

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Bright white teeth with Braun Oral-B Genius 10100S!Highlights: Gum protection assistant With timer 6 cleaning-modes including Pro-Clean, Whitening, Gum Care and Sensitive Triple pressure sensor Tracking and individualization thanks to Bluetooth connection to the Oral-B app With position sensing GumGuard for healthier gums Including 4 brush heads (2x Cross Action, 1x Sensi Ultrathin, 1x 3D White) Including Premium travel case, smartphone holder and holder for 2 brush headsThe intelligent cleaning system of Oral-B Genius 10100S helps you to clean as recommended by your dentist. To prevent gum problems, the innovative Gum Protection Assistant shows you the areas where you are exerting too much pressure. It is compatible with the Oral-B App and gives you feedback for a smoother routine. In addition, the visual pressure control with the customisable SmartRing reminds you when you are cleaning too hard and automatically reduces the cleaning speed. The Sensi UltraThin brush with ultra-thin bristles ensures particularly gentle cleaning to protect your sensitive gums. With position detection technology and a round brush head, you'll never forget an area and remove up to 100% more plaque than with a conventional manual toothbrush. In addition, the Genius 10100S features a lithium-ion battery that lasts more than 2 weeks with one charge.The Premium Charging Travel Case allows you to charge your smartphone and toothbrush from a single outlet.

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