LG 27QN880

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Designed for youIncrease your productivity with the LG 27QN880 monitor with innovative solutions for ergonomics and workplace design.Amazing image quality
The 27-inch QHD IPS monitor displays detailed images at sRGB 99% (typ.) and its HDR 10 provides a dramatic, dynamic, immersive visual experience.Complete movement of the display
Follows your eye level: The enhanced flexibility of the Ergo Stand provides enhanced ergonomic adjustment for extending, retracting, pivoting, rotating, tilting and height, as well as optimal screen positioning for a more comfortable and lasting user experience.Compatible with any posture
Ergo is a welcome innovation for those who spend a lot of time at their desk. Thanks to its high adjustability, the technologically and ergonomically sophisticated LG stand enables a good posture, so that every user can create a perfectly adapted workplace.Clearly arranged desk
Make the most of your desk: the compact design takes up very little desk space and also contributes to easier installation. The USB-C One Cable solution of the 27QN880 provides users with fast data transfer and power for charging laptops via a single cable.

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