Kenwood KCC 9060 S

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Cooking Chef Gourmet KCC9060SRoasting, frying, caramelizing range of temperature from 20 to 180 °C Melt chocolate, let the dough rise or cook Sear hot, deep-fry or caramelise small quantitiesCooking with Induction The induction hob is integrated directly under the mixing bowl When the bowl snaps into place, the circuit is closed by a special layer of stainless steel in the bottom of the bowl Very short cooking times Exact adjustment of temperatures in the range from 20° C to 180° CPre-installed cooking programmes Both simple and complex recipes Starter to dessert 24 preinstalled programmesBowl capacity: 6.7 l Mixing bowl made of high-quality stainless steel With two heat insulating handles Capacity of 6.7 litresFeatures: Mixing attachment: ThermoResist with stirring rod Kenwood planetary mixing system Kenwood creaming beater Multi-shredder Heat protection Dough hook High speed outlet Low-speed connection Professional balloon whisk Steam Cooking Sieve Cooking-stirring element Electronic speed control Function switch for gentle lifting Spatula Splashguard LC display Impulse control Timer function Kenwood planetary mixing system Dishwasher-safe parts Induction technology Interlock locking system Housing: Die-cast brushed metal Material - Bowl: polished stainless steel Material - Bowl accessories: Stainless steel Colour: Silver 1500 W engine Dimensions (LxHxD): 40.0 x 37.0 x 34.5 cm 1500 W Weight: 12.88 kg Bowl capacity (filling capacity): filling capacity 6.7 litres cooking capacity 3.0 litres Cake batter capacity: 4.55 kg Capacity - yeast dough: 2.56 kg Capacity - Egg white: 16 (560 g) Max. processable flour quantity: 910g

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